StarkLine are tailor-made industrial v-belts.

At Moltech’s computerized workshop in Röszke, Hungary we design and produce tailor-made industrial solutions for conveying and power-transmission. Take a look in our workshop >>

We are specialized in manufacturing industrial V-belts, in all sorts and all sizes, standard and non-standard. Our special top-quality StarkLine product delivers immediate, perfect-fit solutions to machine builders and dealers all over Europe. The tailored fit provides the optimal grip and this avoids friction and minimizes noise development.

StarkLine is a heavy-duty transmission belt that runs efficiently on large industrial machines. The belt is manufactured from Thermo Plastic Rubber with polyester cord. StarkLine provides, next to its fantastic running features, some more benefits.

  • long-lasting (stiff structure slows-down wear-out)
  • soft touch and with the (optional) white surface it is ideal for wood processing machines
  • low temperature tolerance
  • resistant to water, oil and chemicals

Last but not least. Our customers are not forced to order minimal quantity! The TPR base component and our flexible, computerized technology allows our customer to order even 1 piece of StarkLine belt. In more than 20 markets StarkLine stands for top quality, great price and fast delivery.    References >>

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